Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color Other
Markings Bicolor
Personality Friendly Affectionate
How I Feel About Children Very Comfortable
How I Feel About Dogs Very Comfortable
How I Feel About Cats Very Comfortable
Age 25 years


Quiet little Esme is great example of the Tabby’s place mission. She’s dark tortoiseshell with not much orange (though she does have the cutest little orange stripe on her nose), about ten or eleven years of age (as of 10/09). Esme may be deaf. She certainly has poor vision, caused by a skull deformity. The skull deformity resulted in chronic upper respiratory infection earlier in her life, which in turn resulted in a lot of scar tissue over her eyes; her eyes are also set farther back in her head than they should be. Esme also has a non-neurologic-based head tilt, as well as chronic rhinitis, which makes her frequently seem snuffly. As you might guess, she is one of our Special Needs crew.

Esme is on low-dose steroids for her rhinitis. There is a surgery that can be performed if this becomes worse, but it’s quite risky and would involve a difficlt recovery, so we won’t do it unless we absolutely must.

Apart from her medical issues, Esme is good-natured. She was supposed to share our Executive Director’s office with one other cat (and our Executive Director), but she had other ideas and almost immediately moved herself into the lobby. Esme has no problems getting along with other cats, a nice plus.

Esme isn’t a cat for every home, but she is an outstanding example of what we mean when we say that no cat is turned away from Tabby’s Place due to medical conditions. If needed, Esme will be with us for as long as she lives, but we like to think that someone very caring can make room for her in their home. Could that be you?

Update: Sadly, this sweet girl has just been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. We have started her on a new medication to help with her condition, but unfortunately this medication is not without side effects and her prognosis is poor. We will have to monitor Esme’s condition closely and will do our best to make her as comfortable as possible while we’re lucky enough to have her company.