Gender Male
Breed DSH
Color Black White
Markings Bicolor
Personality Friendly Outgoing Affectionate Easy-Going
How I Feel About Children Very Comfortable
How I Feel About Dogs Very Comfortable
How I Feel About Cats Very Comfortable
Age 22 years


We’ve seen a lot of cats at Tabby’s Place over the years, but we’ve never seen any feline who looks like Dean. Have you ever seen one of those rabbits with a white coat, but black feet and a black nose? Take that description, and translate it to a cat; that’s Dean for you. Our best guess is that Dean is about 8 years of age (as of September 2009).

Dean is new to Tabby’s Place as of mid-September, 2009, but he’s managed to steal a lot of hearts in the short time he’s been here. He’s gentle, sweet-natured, and affectionate, and he even seems to get along with most other cats.

Dean is missing a few teeth and his left eye. He has a corneal sequestrum on his right eye, which should resolve itself without our intervention within a few months; there’s nothing to do for it unless it becomes painful, and it doesn’t seem to be that way now.

We know that Dean would do well in a wide variety of environments. With his great personality, we’re hoping he’ll find his “forever” home soon. Can you help?