Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color Other
Markings Bicolor
Personality Friendly Feisty
How I Feel About Children Not Comfortable
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Not Comfortable
Age 19 years


Cutie is an attractive tortoiseshell about 6 years of age. She’s mostly black with a good deal of orange on her face, chest, and throat, but she also has the funniest white ring on her tail. We know she’s lived in a home environment before; it was a very quiet household.

Since her arrival here, Cutie has been slowly settling in. She’s very selective about human company—for example, she adores our Executive Director and is quite affectionate with him, even letting him rub her tummy. On the other hand, she seriously dislikes our veterinary technician. Cutie can be unpredictable in her behavior, and for this reason she must go to a quiet home with no small children. Cutie tolerates her current feline companions, so we believe she would most likely do well in a house with one other cat, as long as that cat wasn’t domineering. But, being an only cat would be fine by her as well.

Cutie may have chronic hematuria, which means there’s blood in her urine. We’re not certain of this, as an ultrasound of her bladder and other medical tests showed no abnormalities and this issue was never noted by her previous owner. It’s also entirely possible that this condition is a temporary one, caused by stress. If indeed she does have chronic hematuria, there are optional medications to try, but the only real treatment is to add extra water to her diet through canned food, etc.

This sweet, yet quirky girl is just waiting for the perfect person who can understand and appreciate her just the way she is. Are you that person?