Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color Other
Markings Other
Personality other
How I Feel About Children Unknown
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Unknown
Age 7 years


How do I tell you about Amy? For starters, she’s a funny, very lively young lady—not surprising in a cat born on June 9 (2015). She’s all black except for a small white spot on her chest. That’s the easy part.

Now, for the difficult aspect. As a young kitten, Amy had a rectal stricture. This has resulted in a lack of anal tone, so she has fecal continence issues. That means that her stool doesn’t always make it into the litter box; if she has loose stool for any reason, it will just come out wherever she happens to be. There is nothing to do for this, it doesn’t cause her any suffering, and we do not expect it to change over time.

Obviously, many people will not want to deal with Amy’s issue. But we believe there’s someone out there for our little girl, someone with a very big heart who can love her just as she is. If you think that might be you, we urge you to come in to meet this little charmer.