Hoopla Green

Gender Female
Breed DSH
Declawed No
Color Black White
Markings Tuxedo
Personality Reserved Timid
How I Feel About Children Not Comfortable
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Familiar
Age 5 years
Special Considerations


With a name like Hoopla Green, you know a cat must have an interesting back story, right? Let us begin to tell her tale.

Hoopla Green came to Tabby’s Place from another shelter and, frankly, we most definitely would have named this beautiful tuxedo something far more befitting her beautiful stature. However, when it comes to unusual monikers, we doubt there is one more imaginative than Hoopla Green!

Is it her hazel-green eyes that gave her her title? We thoroughly scanned her record for clues but came away knowing little more than when we started. There is a nail polish called Hoopla Green, but we can’t imagine the tie. Certainly, Hoopla Green’s nails aren’t painted! In fact, we doubt even the most professional nail technician could get our gorgeous girl to sit long enough for a manicure.

Hoopla Green originally came from a feral cat colony, and she is notoriously shy. She is also a FeLV+ cat. Hoopla Green loves to bask in the sun and will share her solarium with you, but she definitely prefers you keep a distance. It is our hope that, once she finds a forever home of her own and has time to bond with her special person, Hoopla Green will come out of her shell. She is not comfortable with children but is much at ease with other FeLV+ cats. She may be the model feline for a home with a solitary owner, alone or with other FeLV+ kitties in need of care.

Can you tell us how you think this beautiful cat came to have the name of Hoopla Green? Are you the person to resolve the mystery and give her a wonderful, loving home of her own? Please fill out an online adoption form today!

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