Gender Female
Breed Exotic
Declawed No
Color Black White Orange
Markings Calico
Personality Friendly
How I Feel About Children Cautious
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Unknown
Age 4 years
Special Considerations

Behavior Modification

Rosita is a little cat that has defied many of our expectations.

We’re not sure if Rosita began her life on the streets, but she was rescued by a friend of Tabby’s Place who found her outside. She was lactating at that time – a sure sign that she had recently given birth – but unfortunately her kittens were unable to be located.

According to her rescuer, Rosita was a friendly little Momma, but after her intake, Rosita’s behavior seemed to go from sweet to a bit confusing. She seemed to be a bit agitated, and, at first, we chocked it up to being taken away from her little ones. As time went on and she was spayed, however, her behavior has continued to be a bit befuddling.

Rosita likes attention from people, but she also has the tendency to nip at people’s hands. She enjoys playing, especially with wand toys, where she can chase and “hunt” her “prey.” Clearly, she was an adept huntress during her time outside. Rosita does well when she has time to play, but we are still working with her on incorrect behaviors, such as biting.

Rosita has the potential to be a sweet cat, but she needs an experienced adopter who is willing to work with her on developing correct boundaries and healthy interactions with people. We have not yet introduced her to other cats, so we do not know for certain how she would do in a multi-cat household. We believe that, in the right family, Rosita would do well, but she needs someone who is able to work with her on her behaviors.

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