Gender Male
Breed DSH
Declawed No
Color Black White
Markings Solid
Personality Friendly Affectionate
How I Feel About Children Familiar
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Very Comfortable
Age 4 years
Special Considerations

Limited vision

Despite his rough start in life, Sanfour has blossomed into a wonderful teen cat. 

Sanfour was found abandoned outside of a vet clinic in poor condition in Beirut, Lebanon. He was young and very ill with a terrible upper respiratory infection. Luckily, the staff at the clinic were able to provide him the care that he needed and he was sent to a foster home to recover.

After he healed from his infection, Sanfour was left with cloudiness in his eyes and limited vision. The rescue in Lebanon knew that he would need a special adopter and hoped that he would have better luck in the United States. Lucky for Sanfour, he was able to hitch a ride all the way to the States with a wonderful volunteer and now is a beloved resident of our sanctuary.

Sanfour is a lucky cat and his past hasn’t affected his sweet and kind spirit. His journey has been a long and difficult one, but we are glad to have him now among our ranks. Other than his cloudy eyes, Sanfour is healthy and young as far as we can determine. 

Don’t let Sanfour’s cloudy eyes discourage you from considering him for adoption. He still has some vision and can navigate fairly well. Once he acclimates to his surroundings, he is not afraid to romp and play and climb cat trees. He may be startled by quick, unexpected movements, but this boy is worth the little extra patience. He loves to get butt scratches and will lift his tush to the sky if you give him a good scritch. Once he becomes comfortable with you, all he wants to do is love on you. He will rub up against your legs, lay in your lap, and lean his head into your hand. He is sweet and gentle-natured and gets along with people and cats alike.

Now, all this sweet boy needs is the right home. Could you be his new family? Come and visit him during our public hours!

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