It shouldn’t be necessary to write this. By all rights, Fenek would have a home. He’s a cat who has a lot going for him.

He’s not given to hurrying up to a visitor and hopping in their laps, purring and rubbing. Ostentatious PDA is not Fenek’s style. This is a cat who believes in waiting and observing before committing. He may have had a few bad breaks in his prior life in New York, but he’s well-suited for the laid-back lifestyle of Ringoes, New Jersey.

But while he’s cautious at first, it only takes a little while in his presence to gain his trust and his affection. And once he’s in your lap, be prepared for him to stay awhile.

So then, why doesn’t he have a home?

First, Fenek is a black cat, and for whatever reason, whether superstition or personal taste, they’re among the last to be chosen for adoption.

Next, he’s a senior, and that’s a second strike that might put off potential adopters.

Besides that, he’s not really enamoured of other cats. He’s currently in a situation where he shares space with Bacon in the broadest sense of the word. During the day, Fenek has the run of the room, while Bacon is kept in a low-stimulus environment, and at night they switch roles. Each has time in the open in any 24-hour period.

And then, there’s the reason he’s Special Needs, a reason that has nothing to do with any of the above. He is diabetic and requires regular shots of insulin and a special diet.

So maybe it looks like the cards are stacked against this fellow, but that’s why Tabby’s Place is here. Cats with greater special needs have been adopted, and we know it can happen with Fenek, too. Until then, we’d like to ask you to consider sponsoring him.