Gender Male
Breed DSH
Declawed No
Color Black Brown
Markings Tabby
Personality Playful Friendly Timid
How I Feel About Children Familiar
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Very Comfortable
Age 7 months
Special Considerations


Ale was rescued by animal control along with his brother, Kolsch, and three sisters (India, Gose, and Lager). At intake, these boys stood out from the rest. Not only were they very scared, they tested positive for feline leukemia (FeLV+). Special arrangements were in order, and the tabby brothers headed off to a temporary foster home where they were intensively socialized.

Ale is the more reserved brother of the two, but he loves pets and rewards with loud purrs. He will meow softly if you stop showering him with attention before he is done. Ale has a darker nose and more pronounced striping than his brother, Kolsch. Ale is particularly fond of high places (cat trees, book shelves, and top bunk beds).

The young brothers are very active kittens who run and tumble, jump and climb. They purr with abandon and like to snuggle at nap time. Small toy mice are a particular favorite, and Ale likes to “dip” his mice in his water bowl. For all intensive purposes, they are thriving, healthy kittens. Because of their FeLV+ status, they should only be housed with other FeLV+ cats, dogs, or other non-feline pets. Ideally, we’d love to see the brothers be adopted as a pair.

You can learn more about what it means to care for a FeLV+ cat here. FeLV+ cats typically live 2-4 years beyond their diagnosis or longer. If you are looking for the energy and love of kittens, but are concerned about being able to make a long-term commitment to a cat, these sweet babies may be the cats for you. Are you ready to open your heart and home to this adorable, fun-loving pair?

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