Gender Female
Breed DSH
Declawed Yes
Color Black White
Markings Tuxedo
Personality Friendly
How I Feel About Children Cautious
How I Feel About Dogs Cautious
How I Feel About Cats Cautious
Age 19 years

A quiet senior (she was born in mid-March of 2005), our Biscotti is a pretty black-and-white girl. She has a funny white stripe on her nose, as well as a white chin, chest, and tummy. She has white feet, as well; the rest of her coat is, of course, black. She’s of medium size.

Biscotti can be vocal, but she doesn’t always choose to be. She’s very laid-back. Biscotti has early kidney disease, but at present it is so mild that there’s no need for any treatment. (If you don’t know, kidney disease in felines can range from very mild to quite severe. And, as in humans, it can remain stable for long periods of time or progress rapidly; there’s no way to predict that.)

We’d love to see this gentle senior find a home of her own where she can be cherished just as she is. Can you help?

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