Gender Female
Breed DSH
Declawed No
Color Black White Brown
Markings Tabby
Personality Friendly Affectionate Cuddly
How I Feel About Children Unknown
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Familiar
Age 13 years
Special Considerations


Missy is lucky to be at Tabby’s Place. In fact, she’s lucky to be alive. She is diabetic, you see, and her previous owner could no longer manage her diabetes. Missy was taken to the vet to be euthanized, but she got a last-minute reprieve through a series of unusual circumstances.

She’s a medium-size brown-tabby-and-white girl, with white on all four paws, her chest, her tummy, and part of her nose. We believe Missy was born in 2011. She lived as an “only” cat, but so far, she has not had issues with other felines (she lives in our Sanctuary Manager’s office with multiple other cats).

Missy gets insulin twice a day, and she’s on a diabetic diet. She’s a very easy-going girl, good for her insulin shots and blood glucose checks. She’s also quite the escape artist! Our Sanctuary Manager has a baby gate across her door. Although Missy isn’t that small, she somehow manages to squeeze through the bars of the gate, something no other feline in that room has accomplished.

We know Missy is not a good fit for every home, but we’d love to find an adopter for her. If you can provide her with the care and love she needs, won’t you stop by to meet her?

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