Gender Male
Breed DSH
Declawed Yes
Color Black Brown
Markings Tabby
Personality Friendly Affectionate Reserved
How I Feel About Children Familiar
How I Feel About Dogs Cautious
How I Feel About Cats Familiar
Age 13 years

We feel sorry for Louie. This isn’t for his appearance; he’s very handsome, being a large brown tabby male with a bit of white on his chest. But he had lived in one house since he was a kitten (the summer of 2009) and he was suddenly surrendered a few weeks ago. That’s a big change for any cat. Unfortunately, Louie has a history of house soiling and he has had crystals in his urine; the combination was too much for his previous owner, and Louis came to us via our Exceptional Circumstances Program.

Louie has been taking his change of surroundings to heart; he has been very timid with us. That’s starting to change, though. If you sit quietly with him and approach him with just a little patience, our big brown tabby will purr and rub on anything that doesn’t move out of his way. He likes to be talked to, if it’s done gently and quietly. All of this is very encouraging.

At some point earlier in his life, Louie was front declawed. He is on a special diet for the crystals in his urine, and he’ll have to stay on that indefinitely. Could it be that the crystals in his urine were responsible for his house soiling? The short answer is that we don’t know.

As one of our Special Needs crew, Louie is not suitable for every home. But we like to think that there’s someone out there for all of our cats. If you have room in your heart and home for this boy, if you can help him become the love bug we believe he wants to be, come in to meet him.

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