Gender Female
Breed DSH
Declawed No
Color Black Orange
Markings Tortoiseshell
Personality Friendly
How I Feel About Children Familiar
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Very Comfortable
Age 16 years
Special Considerations


We’re not sure where Zencada’s name comes from. There’s a science fiction graphic novel with a character by that name; could that be the origin? We’re also not sure how it’s pronounced, but that doesn’t matter to this affectionate feline; if you speak to her, she’ll immediately begins “talking” to you and rubbing on any available surface. She’s very outgoing and clearly loves people.

Zencada is a large female. Unusually, we know her birthdate; she was born on November 12th, 2008. She’s a beautiful tortoiseshell, with a funny orangey-buff right hind leg and similarly-colored patches on her throat and each of her front feet; the rest of her coat is the typical tortie mix of black, brown, and orange.

As a diabetic, Zencada is one of our Special Needs felines. She eats a prescription diet (it’s not terribly expensive, however) and receives insulin twice a day; both her diet and the insulin will need to continue for the foreseeable future. If you are able to accept a Special Needs cat into your life and home, don’t miss this special, supremely friendly girl!

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