Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color Brown Cream
Markings Colorpoint
Personality Feisty
How I Feel About Children Unknown
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Familiar
Age 21 years

What a beautiful cat! Maxine is a Seal Point Siamese with a dark face and china-blue eyes. She’s an extra-large girl who, truthfully, needs to lose some weight.

Maxine was in a private home before she came to us. She had been urinating inappropriately there, but it was discovered that she has diabetes, which could have accounted for that (she has not been urinating inappropriately since she came to us). Maxine was on insulin before she came to us; at present, we check her blood glucose twice daily and administer insulin if it’s required. She’s also on a special diet, though it’s not especially expensive (we’ve tried to get her to eat wet food but she’ll have none of it, so right now she’s eating just kibble).

6/19/14: Does she or doesn’t she? Before Maxine arrived at Tabby’s Place, she was diagnosed as having bladder stones. But when her previous owners took her in to have them treated, none were found. We’ll soon be doing an ultrasound on Maxine to see what if we find anything like a bladder stone, as that certainly needs to be treated if it’s present.

Maxine was born sometime in or near October of 2003, so she’s a senior feline. We must admit she has been quite grumpy since she came to us. It’s been a huge transition for her, and we know she had nowhere near this many other felines around her in her home situation. We believe she’ll come around sooner or later, but note that she’ll require an adopter with some patience.

Update 9/22/14: Maxine no longer receives insulin.