Gender Male
Age 9 years
Breed domestic shorthair
Color & markings buff tabby
Personality friendly, playful
Good with children LIKES
Good with dogs UNKNOWN
Good with cats LIKES
Behavioral concerns
Medical concerns
Help Support Steve
Steve reminds us of that boyfriend we had in college: always up for a party, eager to please, and fun-loving, like Peter Pan, the perennial playboy that refuses to grow up. He's got a little snaggletooth grin that only adds to his irresistible charm, and the dusty, almost lavender hue to his shiny buff coat makes him look like he's been rolling around outside all day, which he probably has - he loves the outdoors, even in winter!

But just like that sweet college boyfriend of ours, Steve can be a tiny bit immature. For one, he's been known to forget about his litter box. Yes, he knows it's wrong, and he really does try to be a good boy, it's just that sometimes he's in such a hurry to get back to playing that he slips up. Although that sincere, hopeful gleam in his eye says it all: when he has the right home, perhaps one with a safe outdoor space to play in, along with some loving guidance (and maybe even a couple of experienced cats to show him the ropes), Steve is one-hundred percent certain he can finally grow out of his frat-boy ways and settle down for a lifetime of devotion, joy and companionship.