Gender Male
Age 7 years
Breed domestic shorthair
Color & markings buff tabby
Personality friendly, playful
Good with children LIKES
Good with dogs UNKNOWN
Good with cats LIKES
Behavioral concerns History of inappropriate urination
Help Support Steve
When Steve first came to us, he was a very timid little guy; he ran from almost everything and everyone. He was found when too young to be on his own, with a bad upper respiratory infection. His health is just fine now, as far as we can tell, and he's growing into a lovely buff-colored tabby with big amber eyes. His attitude toward people has made great strides forward, too. Walk into his room and sit down, and he'll almost certainly come up to ask for attention, even lying down next to you if it's nap time. Steve loves his toys! He's also very fond of other cats.

Despite his progress, Steve has been known to urinate outside the litter box occasionally when he's feeling stressed out. A calm, quieter environment would be greatly preferable for him. Steve will be OK around most people and other cats, but he will require a VERY SLOW transition to anything new, including a new environment, new people, or other animals. In short, he'll need an adopter with some patience and the willingness to work with him.