Steven is handsome, charming, and eager to greet visitors. He is rather a fixture of Tabby’s Place, as he is presently the second longest term living resident of our sanctuary. With a welcoming pair of eyes and a heart full of trust in human love, you may wonder why such a gentle cat has yet to find a home to call his own.

Steven’s good looks and congeniality can go quite far, but his behavior “quirks” place him in a category of feline that all too often find themselves in hopeless circumstances. Steven has a history of house soiling or what we at Tabby’s Place call a record of “inappropriate elimination,” meaning he does not reliably urinate in his litterbox. Steven finds absolutely no shame in this behavior and has demonstrated his “quirk” in full public view before most members of the staff and quite a few volunteers. Unfortunately, inappropriate urination is a deal breaker for most households, and their is no medical reason for his indiscretions.

However, Steven is not without a set of medical issues that has grown as he has aged. He has a long history of gastrointestinal irritation and chronic diarrhea, so Steven happily resides in Suite A with fellow felines that benefit from a high fiber prescription diet. He is on several medications that help to support the health of his gastrointestinal system.

In more recent years, Steven developed a heart murmur and high blood pressure. He is now on daily medications to keep his heart healthy and his blood pressure under control. His blood pressure is rechecked several times a year and his heart is monitored by echocardiogram twice a year.

We know that charm and good looks can only get a kitty so far, and the chances of Steven finding a loving indoor home that can tolerate his unfortunate habits is unlikely. But if you can find it in your heart to help aid in his daily care by becoming his sponsor, he will be both grateful and honored and promises to shower you with loving purrs.

Your donation will go where it’s most needed, ensuring we can provide for all of our cats.

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