Gender Female
Age 6 years
Breed domestic shorthair
Color & markings grey
Personality friendly, playful
Good with children UNKNOWN
Good with dogs UNKNOWN
Good with cats TOLERATES
Behavioral concerns
Medical concerns
Help Support Greyson
Our Greyson is a lovely, medium size female of a solid, medium gray. She is sociable and good-natured around people, but she does not get along with other cats. At some point earlier in her life, she was front declawed. Our best guess is that she was born in August of 2012.

Greyson has a history of inappropriate elimination. The shelter from which she came to us started her on Prozac in an attempt to curb this, and they told us it was genuinely helping her. We have continued the Prozac regimen, especially, as Greyson is now in a suite with other felines.

This beautiful girl needs a "forever" home, where she can be loved just the way she is. If there is room in your heart for a Special Needs, cat, we hope you'll consider our Greyson.