Gender Female
Age 14 years
Breed domestic shorthair
Color & markings black/white tuxedo
Personality friendly
Good with children UNKNOWN
Good with dogs UNKNOWN
Good with cats TOLERATES
Behavioral concerns
Medical concerns
Help Support Divya
At Tabby's Place we spend a lot of time wondering about human behavior toward animals. Take our Divya, for example. Divya had lived in a private home since she was a kitten. When her owner died, the owner's daughter simply threw Divya outdoors to fend for herself. Unable to find enough food, Divya was starving. It's not uncommon for cats when their food supply is suddenly cut off to develop fatty liver disease. In her case, it was quite severe.

Fortunately she was brought to us. In the words of our vet tech, Divya has made "amazing progress". We are still in the process of making sure that her liver has no ongoing issues. She remains on medications for her liver, though we believe the medications will be required in the short-term only.

Divya is a medium-sized girl. She's a quiet girl now living in our lobby. She is sweet with people. While Divya isn't the biggest fan of other cats, she does not need to be an only cat. This pretty girl has been through a very difficult time. We're searching for someone who will truly give her a loving "forever" home.