Update for the TNR Fund

Update for the TNR Fund

Happy belated love-day, Team TNR!

Then again, tenderness is never belated, is it?

As we learn at Tabby’s Place over and over again, to our astonishment, true love is always right on time.

If we were writing this novel, we may have chosen St. Valentine’s Day for Walker’s arrival. Blind and ragged, ravaged with anemia, the gentle tabby seemed overdue for Cupid’s kindness. His name to the contrary, Walker could scarcely stand, and his handsome frame was famished for food, water, and mercy.

But love shows its strength when it seeks the littlest and the lost, and love found Walker in the person of Tabby’s Place’s tireless trapper, Jess. Initially concerned that Walker had been hit by a car, Jess rushed the crumpled colony cat to our care on St. Brigid’s Day.

Less vaunted than Valentine, St. Brigid is the quiet patron of poetry, healing, and the Celtic start to springtime. Yes, springtime in February. The Celts were nothing if not lovers of the light, even when it’s very little.

And so it was, that the cat with a very faint spark came to Tabby’s Place right on time.

Our vet team quickly determined that Walker had not suffered any recent trauma. An old injury to his hock wasn’t helping, but wasn’t the whole story. How to account for his jelly-legs and blindness?

Bloodwork revealed severe anemia, likely due to the parasite toxoplasmosis. We began treating his condition with aggressive antibiotics, not a moment too soon.

Meanwhile, love got to work wrapping Walker in warmth and light. It had been a long, sightless winter for the timid tabby, and our calling was to call forth an early springtime.

Even as we treated Walker’s medical needs, we treated him to tenderness he’d never known. Despite the dark days behind him, Walker leaned into the light with all his might. Love was so new, but it rang true in his trembling heart. Soon, the scared tabby was sharing his secrets with us: he blissed-out for belly rubs. He lit up like a candle at the sound of kind voices.

He was exactly where he belonged, and he’d arrived right on time. Just check out his viral TikTok moment, created by our amazing vet tech Denise!

Day or night, winter or spring, the Tabby’s Place sun rises on every cat who needs us, right when they need us. But sweet sponsors, we’re only able to be “on time” because you give and love at all times. It’s your quiet, steadfast support that gives us the bedrock from which to leap into action for injured and ailing cats like Walker, no questions asked.

You’re the light and poetry of Tabby’s Place.

You’re the love that’s never belated.

You’re our heroes.

Thanks to you, Walker will never again ache in darkness alone. I will keep you posted on his story…and I will make sure he receives rivers of kisses for each of you.

Thank you for walking with Walker and with us through all seasons!

With love and gratitude, your correspondent,