Update for the TNR Fund

Update for the TNR Fund

TNR tots Norris (female) and Chuck are entering the “cozy season” ensconced in love, thanks to you

Happy meteorological autumn, Team TNR!

OK, OK, perhaps I’m rushing things. Fall, of course, really falls into place on September 22 here in the Northern hemisphere.

But if you adore autumn as much as the cats and I do, you’ll be excited to know that “meteorological fall” already unfurled on 9/1.

And if you’re a cat, you’ll be excited most of the time, full stop.

Just ask two eminent enthusiasts you helped to save, Chuck and Norris. Not long ago, these tiny orphans were trembling leaves, motherless and adrift on the wind. Under the radar of everyone but the sun itself, they were utterly alone.

At least, so it seemed. But in the Tabby’s Place forest, no sweet sapling stands alone when there are oaks of love like you standing tall.

Chuck greets life with outstretched arms and jumbo joy

Like Hansel and Gretel, Chuck and Norris had stumbled into a fairy-tale forest, but this one had a much shorter route to a happy ending (and nice stinky fishy food instead of breadcrumbs; the Joy of Carbs is lost on kittens).

Specifically, they’d been born into one of our TNR colonies.

Thanks to you, Tabby’s Place is completely, unconditionally devoted to every single cat in our care — even far beyond our doors. Our TNR cats are as much “Tabby’s Place cats” as the squishy snugglers lounging in our Lobby.

And so, before they even knew what it meant, Chuck and Norris were loved.

To the utmost.

As you know, these summer babies weren’t quite sure what to do with “love” at first. But in the care of one of our most gifted foster families, their quivering leaves unfurled; their colors came into full glory; and this (almost)-autumn, two bereft babies are in bountiful bloom.

But don’t take my word for it. These photos are worth a thousand grinning gourds, aren’t they?

Norris is a nebula of color and zest

To our amazement, it took Chuck and Norris many weeks to find their forever home. Frankly, it didn’t seem to “make sense” to us! But isn’t it often the case that the best and truest blessings can take longer than expected?

And sure enough, the best and truest home has fallen into their laps at last. Chuck and Norris’s new family is so radiant, they were worth every instant of the wait.

Along the way to bliss, Chuck and Norris didn’t wait one second to savor the sweet life.

And perhaps that’s a lesson to us.

Beloved sponsors, whatever is popping up in your pumpkin patch this fall, may there be warmth and wonder in the waiting; may there be miracles in your meandering; and may unconditional love be the song of every bird in your forest.

Your love is a mighty force of generous good here at Tabby’s Place, and I thank you from the depths of my heart!

Big hug,
your correspondent,

PS: ALL the cats you’ve saved want me to update you, crowding this page with color and cheer. But for now, I’ll leave you with lovely Aoife, August’s amazing arrival, who is currently settling into her place as Queen of our Community Room. Thank you for making her reign possible, dear sponsors!