Update for the Kitten Fund

Update for the Kitten Fund

June greetings , dear sponsors!

Worm, seen from a distance. Closer soon, everyone hopes.

Along with baby Moogly, seen wide-eyed at the top of this letter, Tiana reports, “There are 13 new kittens that are with our foster families,” while “eight of our foster kittens from April found their forever homes this May,” including Oat and Soy (pictured below, by volunteer photographer Rob).

An in-progress list includes the following, about whom more soon:
The Bean Kittens: Lima (F, tuxedo), Adzuki (F, tuxedo), Fava (F, tuxedo), Lentil (F, black), Chickpea (F, grey)

“A League of Their Own”: Geena (F), Rosie (F), and Madonna (F), all black kittens

Oat (L) and Soy, growing up strong and well-loved

Summertime treat kittens: Gelato (tuxedo M), Sundae (tuxedo F), Slurpy (tabby and white F), Slushy (tuxedo F), Banana Split (grey, F)

Panthera (F, all black kitten, bottle/syringe baby)

And then there’s Worm, seen here in a Tabby’s Place enclosure. The reason for it is that he arrived with ringworm, a malady so contagious that he must be isolated away from all other cats, and with only a very few humans permitted to enter his room. He has a heating pad to keep him warm, and word is that he’s eating well on his own now.

Everything’s still new to Carter, and she’s developing her own perspective on things regarding foster mom Sherry.

Worm is about to begin ringworm treatment, a process that requires multiple dips in a lime sulfur compound. This picture was taken from outside the room, which was as close as I was allowed to get. Up close and personal will have to wait.

Elsewhere at Tabby’s Place, back in Suite C, the kitten room, we had the return from foster of the Snake kittens:  Boa, Adder, Moccasin, and Mamba.

After a rough start, these kitties prevailed and “are now terrorizing their peers in the kitten room,” according to Tiana. All four are black, so I won’t hazard a guess as to which one of them whose head I was stroking with my thumb during a recent visit.

One of the Snake kittens, having sweet dreams

Close to being ready to transfer to Tabby’s Place are mother cat River and her chunky baby, Carter. Foster mom Sherry says: “Why do I foster? Just look at this beautiful baby, who (along with her mom River) has been staying with me since she weighed only about 10 ounces. She’s now about 2 pounds 5 ounces and is a little ball of energy who will occasionally (as seen on this screen) sit on my lap to “help” me work. I love helping these babies get the best possible start on the road to their forever home.”

Before I go, just two more kittens: lovely Sasha, as seen by visiting foster mom Jill, and a close-up that shows the various colors of torbie kitten Surprise. All the kittens you see here and have read about here are beneficiaries of your generous support, for which everyone at Tabby’s Place gratefully sends you their thanks.

No surprise here, this little kitten is curious about everything.

Until next month, wishing you all good things,
Your correspondent,

P.S.:  It’s nearly time for the annual Kitten Shower and Adoption Event!  Sunday, June 23rd from noon to 4:00 p.m.  If you’re in the neighborhood of greater metropolitan Ringoes, New Jersey, bring a gift of canned food or non-clumping litter and celebrate the littlest ones with us!

Could Sasha look any sweeter?
Volunteer Isabel found another little black kitten snuggled against Kahlo in Suite C.