Update for the Kitten Fund

Update for the Kitten Fund

Otis and Jakob, the two orange boys from Daphne’s six.

March greetings to you, and to everyone like you who cares about kittens!

First off this month, if you happen to live near our hometown of Ringoes, New Jersey, the Tabby’s Place Foster Team will be hosting a Foster Roundtable on Saturday, March 30th from 2:00-3:30pm to share their foster experiences, what to expect when fostering, and to acknowledge the many helpful hands that have made the foster program at Tabby’s Place successful. If you’re interested in joining them, please RSVP by email.

Foster mom Myla sums up the way a lot of our volunteers feel: “I can’t get any more kittens, I can’t get any more kittens, I can’t get any more kittens! OMG they’re so cute, but I have to repeat ‘I can’t get any more kittens!’”

Monty and the pink ball he loves playing with.

At the top of this month’s update, you’ll find our Vet Tech Drew’s photo of Daphne and her kittens. Drew reports: “She had 6 babies in foster with me on January 29: 3 boys (Otis, Eric, and Jakob) and 3 girls (Aimee, Maeve, and Ruby). Mom is very sweet, and the babies are moving around a lot now and learning how to be cats.” For example, here are the two orange lads.

As Daphne’s kittens entered life in foster care, Monty and Wells moved to the Tabby’s Place kitten room and were quickly adopted together. One look at the two of them, and you’ll understand why.

Wells was adopted in February and went home with Monty.

Soon to follow into forever homes are Symphony’s kittens, as described here last month.

Foster mom Donna says, “Stravinsky and Chopin will be going together. Bach is going to a home where there is another slightly older kitten. Beethoven and Vivaldi are happy and healthy and have big kitten tummies. They’re scheduled to go home soon, too.”

Before they do, here’s Donna’s photo of a few of them.

Beethoven looks directly into Donna’s camera while his mother Symphony supervises from the background. Also shown: Chopin’s head and Vivaldi’s tummy.

Below you’ll find photos of two more new faces: one newcomer, and one kitten who’s swiftly moved to his forever home.

First, tabby Mort:  “He was found with an injured foot and just arrived here, where he will recover from his injury. He is already feeling comfortable in his new environment and loves to have his chin scratched. He is also quite a prolific purrer,” says Jeff, who’s fostering Mort.

So Mort is in good hands, as is Fortune Cookie, an FeLV+ orange fellow fostered by Gayle and briefly in Quinn’s Corner before his adoption. Our Development Director, Angela, wrote a blog post about him just a few days ago, which I recommend highly.

New this month is gray tabby Mort, ready for anything on the carpeted steps of his foster human Jeff.

Finally, a remarkable news item from elsewhere in New Jersey. About an hour south of Tabby’s Place, there’s a kind human who rescues cats from trees. Thirty-nine of them were in 2023 alone!

Thank you for rescuing our little ones from the many “trees” of trouble in which they find themselves.

Hopeful little Fortune Cookie enchanted the human who gave him a home.

Until next month, wishing you all good things, your correspondent,