Update for The Kitten Fund

Update for The Kitten Fund


Dear Kitten Lovers,

As we nestle down for winter and glance back at the holidays in the rear-view mirror, the actualized vision of Quinn’s Corner is fully coming to life. Humans and felines slowly integrate into the space as its form and function become a living breathing part of the whole of Tabby’s Place. I will keep you posted as we approach our public Grand Opening later this year.

As always, the little nugget heart of Tabby’s Place is, of course, our kitten population.

Quinn’s Corner Lobby (with offices behind it)

The All-Star team that was spayed this month included Nat, Monica, Cordelia, Bellatrix, Hermione, Dolores & Fantasia. On the neutering roster were Chandler, Sanguinet, Viggo, Puss ‘n Boots, and Ron. The great news is that Cordelia & Bellatrix, Viggo & Puss ‘n Boots, and Shoresy & Sanguinet all went home to their forever homes—the best holiday gift ever for them.

Shorsey’s parting gift from Tabby’s Place was entropion surgery on his left eye. This is done to correct an eyelid that turns in. We wish all of them and their new families the best. Hopefully, Harry and Linnie, who arrived and went right into foster care, will find their forever homes as well very soon.

One of the solariums in Quinn’s Corner

On the medical front, Octavia, our blind kitty in foster care, will be having enucleation surgery (removal of the eye) in the near future.

Fantasia underwent a hysterectomy and splenectomy. Her condition has required an extra level of medical investigation and has perplexed our vet team and the larger veterinary community. The splenectomy was recommended in an effort to help her persistent anemia. She had x-rays done on her pelvis and knees which indicated that she has both dysplasia and luxating patella.

The hope is that her anemia can become controlled so that she can undergo the surgery she needs to repair her hind leg function. This sweet little girl clearly has more than her share of challenges and will receive the best possible care to overcome them.

Octavia making friends!

We hope that this season finds you well, and we want you to know how appreciative and grateful we are for your continued support and dedication to the kittens of Tabby’s Place. Our eternal search for new volunteers continues, so if you come across any individuals who you think might be interested, please direct them to the website to fill out an application. Thank you!

Your correspondent,