Update for Rambo

Update for Rambo

Allow me to introduce myself, as future updates about Rambo will be written by me. I am Sharon, wife of the president and founder of Tabby’s Place. Since September, I have worked as a Sanctuary Associate, cleaning, giving medicine to cats and otherwise caring for them. One of my greatest joys is getting to know all of our cats.

It may be unfair to choose favorites, but Rambo is certainly one of mine. Rambo always makes me feel welcome. He greets me at the door and then proceeds to vigorously rub against my legs. I usually reach down and pick him up-Rambo loves to be petted! I especially find his clear, green eyes so beautiful and quite a contrast to his dark, gray fur.

There aren’t many cats with a sweeter disposition than Rambo. One of his best friends is Gus, a brown tabby. Rambo and Gus are frequently seen rubbing against one another or sleeping together.

There’s not much new to report concerning Rambo’s medical condition. His health is stable and that is very good news for an FIV+ cat.

Rambo and his suite-mates are being fed an even higher quality of food than previously. This is due to the fact that one of the other cats, Catso, has a bad skin condition that we hope will respond to the new diet. I should mention that Rambo loves wet food! He devours his food quickly and then visits his friends in search of more.

Thank you for sponsoring Rambo. You are truly making a difference in this sweet boy’s life!