Update for Pepita

Update for Pepita

Dear Pepita Sponsors,

Happy June!

Our sweet girl is back in the swing of things with the Aged to Purrfection program, where she visits with her senior friends. This delights her immensely. One of the volunteers who takes Pepita to the senior homes told me that Pepita did very well on a recent visit, even letting some residents hold her for petting (the cats are harnessed, with a leash).  Pepita went on the visit with Carrot, another mellow kitty from another suite, and they both were taken around the lobby of the senior home in strollers, allowing residents to meet and pet the kitties and chat with the volunteers from Tabby’s Place.

Ever seen such a luscious tail as Pepita’s?

The volunteers tell the residents a little about Tabby’s Place, and most are amazed when the volunteers mention that we care for over 100 cats.  During this visit, the volunteers also took the cats into the memory care unit to allow the residents there to meet, hold, or pet the cats.


Several of the residents told the volunteers about their former pets. Many of the staff members at the facility also look forward to the visits.  All in all, this is one amazing program that benefits the seniors, the staff at the senior home, the cats, and our volunteers.

Time for a siesta!

On the medical front, Pepita has had very firm stool nuggets for some time. The medical team decided to try her on a stool softener to see if this makes expression more comfortable for both Pepita and the staff. I’ll keep you posted as I’m sure you are always anxious to hear about Pepita’s ‘nuggets’ (ha-ha).

The Tabby’s Place lobby was turned into a veritable kitten party for our recent Kitten Shower, which we held virtually last weekend.  Olive, our long-time lobby greeter, wasn’t quite sure what the big fuss was all about, but then she probably doesn’t remember just how adorable she likely was as a tiny fur baby. Pepita was once an adorable kitten, too, but now she is a sweet big girl kitty.  If you want to check out the Kitten Shower, you can see how it went right here!

Kevin finds Quinn’s Corner expansion!

Quinn’s Corner construction is moving along and it is wonderful to see the progress and know what a great thing it will be to be able to care for cats diagnosed with feline leukemia and for neonatal kittens.  Apparently, the word is out!  One of the construction workers found a kitty wandering about on the construction site, checking the place out and wondering if he could be a part of this wonderful addition.  Read all about Kevin, the QC wanderer, on our blog.

That’s all the Pepita and Tabby’s Place news for now.  Your generosity, love, and support make our hearts sing at Tabby’s Place.  Stay tuned for more news from our sweet girl as we dive into full summer next month.

Your correspondent,