Update for Pepita

Update for Pepita

Happy October, Pepita fans!

How lovely it is to be in the solarium these past few days, as the crisp air flows in, announcing that fall is truly here in New Jersey. You can see in the picture that Pepita is having fun with Rose, who is visiting in the solarium from the lobby, enjoying the shelf towers and fresh air. Sweet Pepita and little Rose were friends for so long, so it was bittersweet to separate them when Rose moved to the Lobby because she is recovering from a serious brain infection (but doing amazingly well!). They do enjoy occasional visits when volunteers bring Rosie to her old solarium for brief, supervised jaunts. Both girls continue to thrive — and, in Pepita’s case, to make new friends. We’ve seen our gleeful girl palling around with neighbors like Abe, happy to keep company with anyone friendly.

Everyone is over the moon at Tabby’s Place because we exceeded the goal for the Linda Fund Matching Challenge, which raises funds for the medical needs of the kitties! The amazing generosity and grace of so many sponsors and donors humbles us. Now we can ensure that kitties such as Rose and Pepita are cared for if a significant medical emergency strikes. The Linda Fund campaign concluded just days before Tabby’s Place celebrated its 15th year in operation. What a wonderful way to celebrate!

In the past I may have mentioned Mary, one of Pepita’s suitemates, a sweet and playful girl who cozies up to the newcomers in the suite, making them feel welcome and acting as a little mama to them. Well, Mary always stays in the inside part of the suite. But breaking news is that there have been sightings of Mary in the solarium this month! Oh, my! Pepita gets one more buddy enjoying the wonderfulness of the outdoors! I am hoping Pepita will be more than willing to share the space.

This past Saturday Tabby’s Place hosted a “Chip or Treat” event to celebrate the upcoming Halloween holiday. Free micro-chipping of cats (and dogs) took place, along with tours of Tabby’s Place, a costume contest, and yummy treats galore. It was a fun event and an important way to ensure pets can be found if they are lost.

Pepita has had a wonderfully healthy month and is enjoying many visitors and much love. Thank you for your ongoing support of our gentle girl so that she can remain that happy, healthy and loved sweetheart in her home at Tabby’s Place. I’m sure Pepita agrees with this unknown author that if you “turn your face to the sun, shadows fall behind you.” She knows that even though she is incontinent and sometimes gets urinary tract infections, she is in the best of hands. She turns her tiny face to the sun every day.

Enjoy the fall and we will be right back next month with more news.