Update for Olive

Update for Olive

Happy End of Summer, Olive Aficionados!

Ready for an update on our girl? Happily, there is not much medical news to report this month. Olive received the “all clear” from our vet team regarding her feet, meaning no more toe cleaning. This is indeed good news, and not just for Olive; the longsuffering Tabby’s Place staff is very happy about it, too.

A fellow volunteer reported in great excitement that she had been able to pet Olive briefly, something our black-and-white girl had not previously allowed. I thought it might be because the volunteer isn’t in all that often, and perhaps Olive was getting to know her, but the volunteer insisted that it was because she had entered the building through the front door that day.

I have to wonder if there isn’t something in that. Our lobby greeter must be aware that staff and volunteers, some of whom have the audacity to treat her medically or restrict her from eating too much kibble, enter the lobby through one of two particular side doors. But visitors almost always come in through the front entrance. Since Olive is invariably the first cat to check them out, many reach down to pet her, and of course, visitors don’t treat her medically or express her. Do you suppose that our girl looks more kindly upon people who come through the front door, or allows them brief physical contact because she believes they aren’t part of our care team?

I’d like to formally invite you to the Grand Opening of Quinn’s Corner on Saturday 10/7!   From 12-4 p.m., we’ll be celebrating Tabby’s Place’s expansion for FeLV+ cats, and we’d sure love to have you with us. We’re so proud of this expansion, which enables us to house both cats that have tested positive for the feline leukemia virus and double-positive (feline leukemia and FIV+) cats. We’ll have tours, speeches, activities for all ages, artisan pet products, and of course visits with our sensational cats! We’ll be emailing you further details soon, but please mark your calendars for this fabulous moment in feline history.  Just don’t tell Olive you didn’t show up solely to see her!

As always, thank you for helping us care for our feisty girl.

Your correspondent,