Update for Olive

Update for Olive

Olive in the spotlight!

Hello Once Again, Olive Aficionados!

Time flies! It’s once again time for another update on our lobby greeter. Medical news first: Olive’s toes were rechecked and now she only has to have them cleaned every other day. It would be hard to say who is more pleased about this, Olive or the staff, but it’s positive all around.

One of the medications Olive receives for her constipation is lactulose. It’s a thick liquid that’s given by mouth, and we have yet to encounter a feline that enjoys it. Predictably, Olive does not like it at all (unhappily, it doesn’t seem to come in any cat-friendly flavors). We received a fresh bottle for her a couple of weeks ago; the bottle was packaged in a clear plastic bag. Near the top of the bag, in black magic marker, was printed “LACTULOSE”. Near the bottom of the bag, the same hand had written “GOOD LUCK!” I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw that; it seems that our black-and-white girl’s reputation has spread.

I love the grass!

The Tabby’s Place air conditioning system has been on the fritz for some days now, and parts of the building are not cooling properly, including our lobby. We propped open the door leading to our back hallway and installed a very tall baby gate in the doorway to help keep the lobby cooler. Because Olive is so interested in everything new and different, I was sure I’d find her planted in front of the baby gate with her nose through the bars, but at least when I saw her she couldn’t have cared less.

On most occasions when I saw her over the past few weeks, she was watching a toy with great interest or snoozing in a large bed by the front door (she has to be ready for any visitors, of course, as she’s certain they’ve come to see her).

We love our feisty girl just the way she is, and we’re so grateful that you’re willing to help us care for her. Thank you!

Your correspondent,