Update for Olive

Update for Olive

Happy Summer, Olive Aficionados!

Olive said she has had enough

Although she cannot speak our language, Olive has no trouble conveying her feelings to us. A couple of weeks back, there was a problem with our fire suppression system one morning, which resulted in the fire alarm going off periodically and the power going out for a while. The lobby was quite busy with everyone working to be sure the cats were safe and as calm as possible and to get the problems resolved.

By midday, things were calming down and getting back to normal, but Olive had clearly had enough; she went under a cat tree and put herself in a corner of the lobby with her face to the wall! All of that commotion seems to have been a bit much for our diva.

Showing off her pretty diaper…

Olive’s nemesis in the lobby, Mika, has been adopted (much, we are sure, to Olive’s delight). But there’s another potential fly in the ointment in the form of Nina, a pretty, talkative tortoiseshell with some neurological issues who enjoys investigating everything. So far, her run-ins with Olive have been minimal, and we’re hoping things stay that way.

Medically, I’m happy to tell you that there’s not been much going on with our lobby greeter. You’ll remember that last month, Olive had a small, irritated lesion between two of her hind toes. We counted ourselves lucky that this lesion tested negative for ringworm. Olive is still getting a daily toe cleaning, an occurrence that has been described as “a team effort for the staff.”

Relaxing by the front door

Whether Olive is relaxing in her favorite bed by the front door or removing her diaper yet again (we really must post some video to show you how she does that), we love our little black-and-white feisty girl. And your big heart ensures that we can keep looking after her the way she deserves. Thank you!

Your correspondent,