Update for Olive

Update for Olive

Greetings, Olive Lovers!

Olive hopes you had a Valentine’s Day filled with love!  Here’s the latest on our feisty girl.

I was in the Lobby about ten days ago when two staffers were expressing two different cats. One was Olive, who was making more than enough noise for both felines. When Olive had been expressed and medicated, she shot away from the hands of the staffer and was so grumpy that poor Nina, who accidentally bumped into Olive, got a growl and a swift paw to the head. Sigh. Why can’t we all just get along?

Medically, there’s been a new development. You probably know someone who, at some point in their lives, was grinding their teeth, perhaps in their sleep. Plenty of people grind their teeth, but a cat? Over the past few weeks, however, Olive has been noticed grinding her teeth on several occasions, proving once again that our felines have the capability to surprise me on a near-daily basis.

Possibly, this is stress-related; there is construction going on in the Lobby, and a temporary wall has been erected across a hallway where the front desk used to be. This is a minor inconvenience to the humans, but it’s clear that several of Olive’s fellow lobby-dwellers are very unnerved by all of the activity. She might be among that group. Since we’re not sure, and because we do not want her to continue grinding her teeth, we’ll be sedating her so we can conduct a thorough oral exam.

While I was in the lobby watching our girl, a group of teenagers from a local school came in for a tour. Instead of rushing up to sniff them, Olive couldn’t have cared less, which is not at all what I’d expect from her. So I’ll be anxious to see what that oral exam turns up, and, of course, I’ll let you know in the next update.

Until then, thank you for helping us keep Olive in style!

Your correspondent,