Update for Olive

Update for Olive

Hello, Olive Aficionados!

I’m guessing you are more than ready for another update on our feisty girl.

Olive had a month of great mental stimulation. She’s constantly looking out the front door as the construction of our Quinn’s Corner expansion proceeds, and there’s so much for her to see! Vehicles, people, and building materials are always entering the construction site or being moved around.  She can even view some of the expansion from her place inside the front door. Many of the other lobby cats have displayed minimal or no interest in the construction, but, as curious as Olive is, she seems fascinated by everything going on.

The center of the universe…er, Lobby

I just completed a walk-through of the expansion. Of course, it isn’t completed yet, but it’s going to be beautiful! Our Executive Director and the team working on the design seem to have thought of just about anything we could possibly need. We’ll let you know when we’re having our official opening, so you can check it out for yourself.

In news of furry baby newcomers, the lobby was turned into a veritable kitten party for our recent Kitten Shower, which we held virtually last weekend.  Olive isn’t quite sure what the big fuss is all about, but then she probably doesn’t remember just how adorable she likely was as a tiny fur baby. If you want to check out the latest crew of kittens, you can find the video of the Kitten Shower right here!

In medical news, Olive was seen pawing at her mouth repeatedly. This has happened before, but we have no idea what it means (remember, she had a full dental exam very recently). She was given a dose of pain medication, and that appears to have settled her down, at least temporarily. I was happy that I’d be able to tell you there was no other medical news this month, but now Olive is having some issues with loose stool. For at least a few mornings in a row, the staff had to give Olive a back-end bath because she made a mess overnight. As you might suppose, Olive is not happy about this development, but if it persists we should be able to manage it with medication.

Yep, our little black-and-white lobby greeter is frequently a challenge, but we love her just the way she is. And, thanks in large part to your generosity, we can keep right on doing that.

Your correspondent,