Update for Olive

Update for Olive

Rose is photo bombing Olive from the chair here!

Greetings, Olive Fanciers!

Can it be that the humans in Olive’s life have actually done something of which she approves? That happens so seldom that we’ve had to think about it for a while, but it just might be true. Olive was crated at night for a long time. She wasn’t happy about this, of course, but if we did not crate her she would scoot around the lobby and gobble up the other cats’ food, a big problem for a little feline who was supposed to be on a restricted diet.

Yay! I’m free 24/7–no more overnight crating!

Now we’re trying a different approach. We are no longer crating Olive at night. We keep her gastrointestinal formula kibble on the floor, but the regular kibble for the other lobby residents is placed on two elevated feeding stations so she cannot get to it. Olive can roam the lobby whenever and wherever she wishes, but at the same time we are able to keep her food type and intake restricted. While she’d much prefer to eat regular kibble, at least the humans have finally done something right by letting her roam 24/7 (I can almost her hear adding, “And it’s about time, too!”).

Does she look like a cartoon villain rubbing her back paws together like this?

Medically, Olive continues to have some trouble with constipation. She’d help herself if she’d ingest her stool softener consistently, but she doesn’t; she only eats it about 60% of the time, but at least that’s something. She’s still not too good about being expressed three times per day, but we know of no way to explain to her what we’re trying to do when we express her.

Naps are needed when the days are so busy patrolling the lobby!

Our little lobby greeter continues to amuse and outfox us (not necessarily in that order). It means so much that you choose to help us help this amazing little girl.


Your correspondent,