Update for Lester

Update for Lester

Dear friends,

I had a pretty good run on being a nice guy—the longest stretch of my life, in fact—where I didn’t aggressively bully another cat. This month I had a slip (or two). Both Rogue and I have been aggressive toward sweet Buddy. I promise I’ll try to be better. An increase in my behavioral meds should help. I’m still as sweet as can be for my human friends, which I obviously prefer over my feline frenemies.

All continues to be good on the health front. Someone noted that I was urinating more than usual, so our super vet team tested my urine (excessive urination can indicate all kinds of health issues). Luckily, my results came back A-Okay. I’m as fit as a fiddle, folks.

Remember sweet, handsome Sebastian? He found his furever home. That’s a win-win all the way around. Sebastian is happy being fussed over day and night by his new person. And I have one less charismatic kitty to compete with.

Our old ‘Hammock Crew’ has disbanded, so you won’t find as many kitty love-piles these days. It seems that most of us have turned our attention to capturing human affections. I’ve been spending most of my days indoors, curled up in a soft bed or chair, hamming it up for my people.

While many things change, such as my behavior toward other cats or the seasons, one thing is constant: my genuine love and appreciation for everything you do for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.