Update for Lester

Update for Lester

Dear friends,

We are moving up to the ‘deee-luxe apartments in the sky’ here at Tabby’s Place (that reference is for you middle aged and older folks). A kind and very generous volunteer donated large cat play towers for each solarium, and our crew in Suite FIV wasted no time in enjoying them. Even Wolfie managed to scale them without a hitch — it wasn’t pretty, but it was entertaining.

It’s been another healthy, happy, lazy, love-abundant month for me. As has become the norm for me these days, I’m quick to show my belly for some lovin’ and a few kind words.

I’m keeping a close eye on our new guys, Shea and Sebastian. Shea is making himself invisible. Sebastian is being crated for now, but he’s adorable and sweet, so he’s getting lots of attention.

I’m soothing my ego with reminders that I, too, am good looking and sugary-sweet. I may just have to pour on more sugar with my people to ensure I get my share of affection.

I feel so lucky to have you and all the generous Tabby’s Place supporters and volunteers in my life. I can’t imagine a better life, thanks to you.

Your sweet-as-pie friend,