Update for Lester

Update for Lester

Dear friends of Lester,

My name is Kim, and I am a long-time volunteer and cat correspondent at Tabby’s Place. When our friend Lester needed a guest writer this month, I jumped at the chance. I know he misses his regular writer Mary and looks forward to her return next month.

I like to use my own photos of any cats for whom I write; it is part of what makes corresponding fun. As a regular visitor to the wonderful FIV suite, I know Lester well, and vice versa. But, I don’t usually take his picture, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would I have his cooperation? As you can see, he was a charming and cooperative fellow, happy to be the focus of my attention.

Though not visible from these photos, Lester has been dealing with an eye issue this past month. Although he’s usually a pretty easygoing guy, Lester’s charm button moves to the “off” position when it is time for our staff to medicate him. Fortunately, there’s a non-medication fix for this issue. An amino acid supplement sprinkled into Lester’s wet food has helped to eliminate his squinting. On the day of our last visit, both of Lester’s eyes looked nice and clear. They glowed with welcome when I sat down to chat.

Speaking of chatting, I am sure if Lester could speak, he would have told me about all of the activity he had been watching from his windows to the lobby these past couple of weeks. We’ve moved three of our staff members’ office spaces from the Community Room to the former Adoption Rooms. The wide-open space of the Community Room now offers a larger area for cats who previously resided in the smaller Adoption Rooms, and more space for those staff members who will remain in the Community Room. This area also offers great windows for feline sunning and bird-watching. The smaller offices will each have feline office assistants, too. The cats are already thriving from the individual attention in their new neighborhoods. I am sure Lester enjoyed watching all of this activity, even though it did not affect him directly.

If ever you should have a chance to visit, please know that we all (feline and otherwise) welcome you to stop by Tabby’s Place. Take a springtime ride, stroll the grounds, and visit with handsome Lester.

Meanwhile, thank you for so generously caring for Lester each month. When he rests his head each night, he knows he is loved.

I can’t think of a better feeling.