Update for Kitten Fund

Update for Kitten Fund


Happy September, Kitten Fans!

Our incredibly quick summer heralds the long-awaited official Grand Opening of Quinn’s Corner next month. This will make the expansion of Tabby’s Place authorized, certified, and legit in all aspects of form and function. Do you know who is the least impressed with this development? The cats, especially the kittens who are always ever so busy socializing and getting used to their worlds.

Echo’s amazing recovery!

One extraordinarily adorable little nugget, Echo, has made a beautiful recovery from her facial wounds and is now thriving in her foster home. She came to Tabby’s Place with a swollen eye and upon examination and cleaning, it was clear that she had been bitten in her face. She shows only a sense of eagerness to experience all that life has to offer her. Actually, her injuries have left her with nothing but a permanently impish grin as a reminder of her travails.

In other kitten eye-related news, Gavroche started on eye medications for an irritated left eye. The staff has had a very difficult time getting the kittens to wash their paws and keep them away from their eyes, so there has been a spread of eye woes in the kitten room. It had started with Pele last month and he and Pumpkin are still on daily eye medications to cure this condition completely.

Pumpkin, Fusion & Briar (left to right)

The newest addition to the kitten room has been Sunny. She came with a hairline fracture to her right leg which fortunately has now healed.

Winners of the spaying lottery this month were Barbie, Fusion, Ice Spice, Fantine, Golbat, Zubat, Nikki, Mama Cat, Lala, Dipsy, NooNoo and Po. The neutering winners are Ken, Javert, Tinky Winky, and Jigglypuff. The spayings win with 12, not that it is a competition because in this case, they are all winners as spaying & neutering help cats live longer, healthier lives.

Many lucky kittens also got adopted and found their forever homes. This lucky brood included Weetabix, Dunn, Pumpkin (right in time for Pumpkin Latte season), Grayson, Golbat, Zubat, Barbie, Travis, Van, Lightning McQueen, and Esmerelda. Another bumper crop of cuteness spreading their joy into the world at large!


Following up on my earlier note above… I’d like to formally invite you to the Grand Opening of Quinn’s Corner on Saturday 10/7! From 12-4 p.m., we’ll be celebrating Tabby’s Place’s expansion for FeLV+ cats, and we’d sure love to have you with us. We’ll have tours, speeches, activities for all ages, and of course visits with our sensational cats! We’ll be emailing you further details soon, but please mark your calendars for this fabulous moment in feline history.

Thank you as always for your support and dedication to the mission of Tabby’s Place. You are part of our growth and future, and we are forever appreciative of your kindness.

Thank You!

Your correspondent,