Update for Jude

Update for Jude

Dear Jude Friend,

Jude had a pretty good month. She only had 6 seizures, which is way down from the number she has been having in prior months. Out of those 6 seizures, 5 of them were quite mild and she came out of them quickly and did not require the rescue medication. One of the seizures was very violent, and it was difficult to hold her still (I do this so she can’t hurt herself), and this seizure did require rescue medication. Once the meds were on board, the seizure did stop within a few seconds.  Jude will always have seizures, of course, but we will always do our best to keep them as under control as possible.

I am incredibly tuned into Jude during the night.  Even if she wakes up and moves around a little bit to get some food, I wake up and check on her. This is very strange because I am a very heavy sleeper, and have to set my alarm to go off a few times in the morning.  But if our little Jude makes a tiny sound, I am up!

Jude is still having a little loose stool, but it is getting better. We had taken her off the medication for loose stool because it was much better, but then it got worse again, so she had to go back on the meds again. She already gets a bunch of medications each day, so I’m sure she doesn’t notice the difference.  Jude did have to have a couple of baths this past month, due to getting dirty from the loose stool. She wasn’t happy about it, of course, but she has to be clean.

We did start Jude on a gastrointestinal dry food, to try to make her stool better. She likes the dry food, but she did not like the wet food, so we are still giving her the Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys wet food (her absolute favorite).

Luvs, Judes’s mini-me

We took in a new foster recently. Her name is Luvs, and she is around 10 weeks old, and she has spina bifida. Luvs also needs her bladder and bowels manually expressed, because she can’t do it herself. Luvs is a super sweet girl and adorably cute. And the best part…  She looks exactly like Jude! She is literally Jude’s mini-me. I think Jude and Luvs may become friends, Luvs is already trying to be Jude’s friend, and will climb into the bed with Jude and snuggle with her. So far, each time Luvs does this, Jude gets out of the bed (she doesn’t trust newcomers right away), but then Jude will lay with her head on the bed that Luvs is laying in. I can see a friendship budding. I am attaching a picture of Luvs so you can see how much she looks like our Jude.

Jude had to have her claws cut the other day. She was not happy about it, but she did let me do it without too much drama. She was starting to get caught on her blanket, so she needed a trim.

A few days ago I went into Jude’s room, and she was fast asleep, and completely upside down! It was so cute, as you can see from the photo. I just wanted to pick her up and kiss her, but I also didn’t want to disturb how comfortable she looked. A sleeping, happy Jude should never be disturbed!

That’s all the Jude news for now. As always, thank you so much for everything you do for Jude, we appreciate you so much!

Your correspondent,