Update for Jude

Update for Jude

Dear Jude friends,

Our little Jude is having a bit of a rough month so far. She had 8 seizures and most of them required the rescue medication to be given. She did recover quickly after each seizure, but that is still a lot of seizures in a month.

She also had a few days of diarrhea this month, which required some medication to get under control. Because of the diarrhea she also required several baths, and on one particular day she had to have 2 baths! She was not too happy about that. The diarrhea seems to be getting under control now, which makes us very happy.

Jude also had a few days where she was vomiting, so we gave her an anti-nausea medication until she felt better. The vomiting does seem to have stopped now, so we are hopeful that things are improving.  Then I noticed her urine looked a little dark, so I took a sample for the vet team to analyze. She has some glucose in her urine, so we have to do a few blood glucose checks to ensure she isn’t becoming diabetic. I will do these checks at home, so Jude doesn’t have to go to Tabby’s Place. Jude stresses a lot when she has to leave home, so anything I can do at home is a better option. When she stresses it can cause more seizures, and we certainly don’t want to cause any more of those.

Our beautiful Jude!

Our poor Jude can’t get a break this month! I am hoping she feels better soon and goes back to her normal self.  I can always tell when Jude doesn’t feel so well because she is a lot less cranky. I can pet her for a while before the growling starts, and we know that isn’t normal for our Jude! I just want my cranky girl back.  Rest assured, we won’t stop until we find out what is going on, and how to make her better.  Jude is still eating really well, which I am happy about. Not much affects Jude’s appetite, that’s for sure!

With Jude feeling a little off this month she hasn’t done much, other than eat and rest in her comfy bed, but that’s ok, as long as she feels better soon. She can rest and relax, and get herself healthy again. Poor baby has enough issues without nausea and diarrhea on top of it.

Jude has had a couple of foster kittens staying in her room. They are in a playpen, but they come out to play for a while (as long as they don’t annoy her too much). One of the kittens was adopted recently, so the one who is left has been snuggling with Jude for company. The one kitten who is still with us is getting adopted in a few days, but in the meantime, he has Jude for company. Jude likes kittens (as long as they don’t jump on her), so he is good company for her.

That is all the Jude news for now. I hope I can bring better news next time, and hopefully, Jude will be feeling much better by then.
Thank you so much for your support of our little girl, as we couldn’t do this without you.

Your correspondent,