Update for Jude

Update for Jude

Dear Jude Friends,

Jude had a fairly good month—she has only had two seizures and both of those passed fairly quickly. Both of these seizures happened in the middle of the night, as is normal for Jude. The new medication seems to be keeping her seizures under much better control.

Jude had two episodes of peeing on her own before I got a chance to express her, which resulted in two baths which she did not enjoy at all. When Jude goes to the bathroom on her own she tends to get it all over herself. If it isn’t too bad we can just wipe her down with a baby wipe, but sometimes it is too bad for that and it has to be a full bath.

Both of Jude’s foster kittens have now gone on to their forever homes, and Jude does not seem too sad about it.  While she did enjoy snuggling with them, the kittens were way too lively and energetic for her after a short time and she would get cranky. Jude needs plenty of alone time to feel okay, and she only will accept minimal attention from us before the crankiness starts. Jude is most happy when she can just sleep in a sunbeam, eat treats, or eat wet food.

Sleepy Jude

With some days being a little cooler lately, I have been able to open the window in June’s room so that she can feel the nice breeze, which she loves. She raises her little head up and you can see that she is so so happy.

When the bad storm ripped through New Jersey this month my dogs nearly lost their minds.  They were absolutely terrified. Tanzy, one of my paraplegic cats, who also does not do well in any kind of storm, hid under the bed. Jude, however, had no reaction whatsoever to all the commotion, and happily ate her food and then took a nap. I am very glad that storms do not affect Jude, as that could be very bad for her.

Jude has been more playful lately.  I don’t know if it is because she had kittens playing around her recently, but it is good to see her playing with toys. She still loves the crinkle balls and will bat them around her room.  I think it’s because she can hear them—with the sound they make she can follow them easily.

I was away for a week this month, as I went to England to see my dad. The cat I was most concerned about, of course, was Jude. Even though I have several Special Needs cats, she was my biggest concern in terms of my being away from her.  But my partner stayed home, knows Jude very well, and did a great job taking care of all her needs.

Big yawn!

I left very lengthy instructions on every scenario that could possibly happen, and I also had two of the Sanctuary Associates from Tabby’s Place come to my house twice a day, to make sure that my Special Needs animals were okay, and that Jude and my two paraplegic cats were expressed, as that is the one thing my partner cannot do. I had a wonderful time visiting my dad, and some of my family in England, but I did miss all of my animals back home. I am glad to be back home with everybody and Jude had no issues whatsoever while I was gone.

That is all the Jude news for this month. As always, thank you so much for everything you do for our little Jude, as we couldn’t care for her without your support.

Your correspondent,