Update for Josie

Update for Josie

Dear Team Josie,
Change is a part of life, and this month my roomie Xena graduated to another suite.  She sent me a message that she misses me but is happy in her new suite and she has made friends.  I welcomed a new roommate to our suite; her name is Lost.  She is a sweet calico with a very loud voice.  The first time you hear her, you will probably think Lost is in great distress, but that is not the case.  Lost is deaf and this is just her speaking voice.  Truth be told, I am not overly thrilled with the volume increase in my previously quiet room, but the tradeoff of having a sweet roomie is worth it.  Welcome, Lost!

It was a busy month at the sanctuary:  lots of visitors for tours, along with special needs sponsors, and even several Girl Scout troops who participated in the Paws to Read program.

The flowers surrounding the sanctuary are starting to bloom, and I hear that they smell wonderful.  With preparations for Quinn’s Corner grand opening later this year, the landscaping is beautiful.  A “Rose Bush” was planted in memory of Rose, the very sweet special needs cat.  My correspondent showed me a photo, and it made me smile.

Stroller rides for cats are in full gear.  I hope that I am considered for stroller rides and pass the stroller test.  Fresh air and flowers are some of my favorite things, and a stroller ride can bring me both.   Yes, it is true—cats are tested to be sure that they will enjoy stroller rides.  My correspondent met a cat on a test who had motion sickness in the stroller.  Tabby’s Place would never make a cat feel uncomfortable.

As a resident in the skin allergies suite, everything I eat is carefully monitored by the vet staff to keep me healthy.  My guilty pleasure is… CAT TREATS!  I am allowed to eat a prescription hypoallergenic cat treat.  Recently, the manufacturer had difficulty getting ingredients, so they are behind on producing treats.  This story has a happy ending.  My correspondent took her cat (a Tabby’s Place alumnus, with skin allergies, who looks like me) to the vet, and asked about the treats, and they had a bag.  Yay!  I now enjoy a few treats and share them with my roomies.

The busy month continues, as the staff is busy at work planning a Virtual Kitten Shower.  A parade of adorable kittens will have their Tabby’s Place debut!  I can’t believe how teeny tiny the kittens are—was I ever that tiny?  I hope that they all get wonderful homes.  I heard that kittens are best adopted in pairs, and sometimes I see them heading out in pairs.  Many of the staff foster tiny bottle babies and need to bring them to work so they can be fed regularly.  I can hear the chirping of the babies when they are hungry (they sound like baby birds) and are so cute!  I am keeping my eyes out for a baby who looks like me!

I kid you not—my correspondent almost fell over when she saw me on a recent visit.  She smiles and says, “Josie you look beautiful.”  I am a modest senior, and I blushed.  I have never received any compliments.  My fur feels thicker and shinier, my dermatitis is healing, and my weight has increased.  Another happy change is that I made new human friends who stop by the suite to spend time with me.  I am so happy to be at Tabby’s Place—and to have you as my sponsor—as this brings so much happiness to my world.  I can feel your love and hope that you feel mine.  When I arrived at Tabby’s Place, “sponsor” was a word I had never heard.   Today, “sponsor” means I am the luckiest cat on the planet!

My medical update this month reads like a short story! My fecal PCR results were all negative. My steroid dose has increased, and this new dose seems to be keeping me comfortable.  My paws are crossed that my medical updates continue to be short and sweet.

I wish all the fathers (furry and non) a very Happy Father’s Day!  Sending you a bunch of sweet Josie kisses, filled with love!

Love, Josie
(With help from your correspondent, Ilene)