Update for Chickadee

Update for Chickadee

Dear Chickadee Supporters,

I do have hope when it comes to Chickadee.

As I struggle to schmooze my way into her inner circle and become a trusted friend, I witnessed first hand, just the other day, how lovely it could be if and when I finally make the cut. Larry, one of our volunteers who has known Chickadee a bit longer than I, sauntered up to Chickadee in the Community Room, reached out his hand, and without a by your leave, began petting her on the top of her head.

Now my approach to Chickadee is painfully slow. I let her smell my hand first. Register that I am a friend, not foe. Sometimes I even let her make the first move.

But Larry went for the gusto, as they say. And she melted under his touch. Immediately, Chickadee, the cat who can utter the most unusual and weirdest sounds–the girl who could (in my humble opinion) audition to do soundtracks for scary movies in Hollywood–began to purr.

I was impressed. Larry was obviously part of Chickadee’s inner circle. He was accepted by her. I had my chance, I figured, to get a scoop.

“Larry,” I said, “She really likes you. WOW. I’m just getting to know Chickadee. You don’t, by any chance, have any stories to share about her, do you?”

Larry glanced around, saw that we were alone in the Community Room and smiled. “Well, were you at the meeting last week?”


“Don’t let on that I said anything, but you should have seen her there. Danielle was trying to run the meeting, but Chickadee jumped onto the table here and, well, let’s just say, she stole the show. No one could take their eyes off of her. She was cuddling up to Danielle. Wanting attention. I mean who can listen when Chickadee is parading around in front of everyone?”

I could hardly imagine it. Chickadee front and center on stage.

“So what did Danielle do?”

“What could she do?” Larry asked.

He was right. After all, Tabby’s Place is all about cats. I turned to Chickadee. You sly rascal. “Did you ruin Danielle’s meeting?”

Larry answered for her. “Ruin it? Nah. She added the entertainment.”

Ha. So what put Chickadee in such a good mood? Rumor has it that Chickadee’s arch rival Peachy has been spending more time in the Lobby, which Chickadee greatly appreciates. Or perhaps Chickadee has made a New Year’s resolution to put on a happy face. Or maybe it’s because the last time I visited we had a great time together playing.

Yeah, the girl looks sophisticated, but dangle some fancy cat toy in front of her and she’ll chase after it like any other cat. Even if it means jumping into a liter box to get it. Still I suspect it will be awhile before I make it into her inner circle.

Please allow Chickadee and me to wish you and yours a Happy New Year. Good Health and Good Wishes. And thanks, as always, for your generous support.