Update for Boobalah

Update for Boobalah

Greetings Dear Sponsors,

Hello to you from Miss Boobalah! The days are warming, and the sun is shining in.  You know it’s summer when the cats switch from curled up to stretched out!

Boobalah has been full of gratitude this month, and sharing her love and affection to bring joy to all those around her. She so appreciates your love and unrelenting support, which allows her to live her very best life.

While she is still taking her reception duties quite seriously, Boobalah is sharing them with one of her lobby mates these days. Hips is only too happy to help out. Their only wish is that more people might walk through the door!

Serious work!

Boobalah has once again been active in the Aged to Purrfection (ATP) program and visited a local senior facility. I wonder who is more excited when she makes her rounds; Boobalah or the lucky receivers of her undivided attention.

Boo’s Lobby mate Grecca is also in the program. Grecca is a gal who would never leave you guessing if she was in the room. She is a very vocal and sweet cat, who always lets her needs and wishes be known! Grecca is also perfect for the ATP program. If she was anything like her usual self at the sanctuary, there would be absolutely nobody around her who didn’t know she was there! In a super sweet way, of course, she says “I’m here! I’m here! I’m here!”

Boobalah out for an Aged to Purrfection afternoon

In medical news, Boobalah has had several blood pressure checks. Her next check will be in August since her blood pressure is stable. Woohoo! Our lucky girl also had her annual vaccines this month. I’m certain she just loved all that poking and prodding—not!  But alas, all is good and she is medically doing well. That is much to be to grateful for.

The pitter-patter of little feet has returned to Tabby’s Place! If you can, join us on Sunday, June 23rd, 12-4 PM for the “10th Annual Kitten Shower & Adoption Event.”  Please bring your family and friends and embrace the joy of kittenhood!

Grecca at Aged to Purrfection


Thank you dear sponsors for wanting nothing but the best for sweet Boobalah. We are so grateful to you for your love and support of Boo, enabling her to be the happy and content girl that she is, without a worry in the world.

Have a beautiful month!

Your correspondent,