Update for Boobalah

Update for Boobalah

Hello, Friends of Boobalah!

My name is Kim, and I am a long-time volunteer and cat correspondent at Tabby’s Place.  I was pleased to be asked to “cover” for Boobalah’s regular writer Donna, who will be back with you next month to share her news.

Boobalah is enjoying the busy holiday season in the lobby she calls “home.” A busy cat with a busy agenda, Boobalah does not hesitate to be a “meeter and greeter” if our front desk receptionist has stepped away from her desk for some reason. We can surely use her friendly assistance during this busy time!

From a health standpoint, Boobalah is a bit challenged by the development of a urinary tract infection. She is taking antibiotics and is being closely watched by the staff and volunteers who love her very much.  Also of concern this month has been the notable cough during expression of her bladder and colon. Chest x-rays may be needed if this cough continues. However, Boobalah seems to be in good spirits and enjoys lap time and visits from all who adore her.

Boobalah is a popular and active feline member of The Aged to Purrfection Program. Its participants visit our local senior homes to spend time with the elderly. Boobalah is always received with a smile and enjoys the ongoing attention these visits provide.

This program works closely with The Stroller Program, which I am honored to be in charge of for Tabby’s’ Place. It allows for cats that would not otherwise get to enjoy the great out-of-doors to do so. Each cat that our wonderful veterinary staff feels would benefit from the program is then put through special tests for comfort, ease of management, and contentment.  Safety in the pet strollers is always our number one concern. Some of the candidates are disabled, some are ill, and others just have no access to solaria in their residential suites. It is also my team’s job to help keep the cats that visit the senior homes in our area acclimated to being pushed and comfortable in a stroller. As we move now to an “indoor track” for the winter months, we will continue to enjoy our visits with Boobalah and keep her ready for her off-site visits through the holiday season.

What better time than this beautiful time of year to say thank you for your most gracious gifts that help to make Boobalah the best girl she can be? This little cat, so full of life, knows not of her own disabilities. She brings her own special joy to each and every one of us here at Tabby’s Place. She is a constant reminder that physical disabilities do not define us; it is our inner spirit and joy that do so. Thank you, dearest sponsors, for your part in making this darling cat truly shine.

May the holiday season bless you and yours, today and always.

Your correspondent,