Update for Boobalah

Update for Boobalah

Happy New Year to You, and To All of Boobalah’s Friends!

Boobalah competing as door greeter!

I don’t know how we got here, but we are firmly planted now in 2023. It seems so weird to write that or say it. I just got used to writing 2022. Some things are the same as last year. Boobalah is still our designated door greeter (although there is mucho competition for this particular position!).

Things are starting to look a little different at Tabby’s Place, and it is very exciting.  Some of the staff have moved to the new wing, Quinn’s Corner, and the new Operations Center and Laundry Room are in full swing. It will take some time for everyone to get used to the new setup and equipment.

The new Operations Center – dishwashing and feeding area

Having worked a shift recently, I can tell you that the new areas are a welcome improvement. One of the biggest changes I noticed is the volume of laundry that can be handled. Two washers and four dryers keep things moving along at a very quick pace.  There is a third washer that is temporarily out of commission, so things will get even more efficient and busier soon!

A few lucky kitties have moved into the new Quinn’s Corner office space along with the staff. Anka is now the one and only Volunteer Office kitty. Gator has joined the development team. Merriweather is now in charge of Adoptions, and Reese and Allie have their own office with a solarium and a litterbox with a window. Sweet! I will keep you posted as we approach our public Grand Opening later this year.

The new Operations Center – laundry area

In medical news, Boobalah was feeling a little off for a few days this month. One day she started coughing after being expressed and the next day she vomited while being expressed. Her stool continues to be on the loose side of normal. We are monitoring her closely.

A very unusual behavioral moment was witnessed by a staff member who saw Boo hiss at a newer lobby resident, Nina when she circled into Boo’s personal space. Boo probably just needs a little time to accept the change. She is too sweet to hold a grudge against anyone.

It looks like 2023 will be all about transformation at Tabby’s Place as we continue to slowly fill our new area with kitties and welcome new staff and volunteers to help care for all the newcomers. It’s a year of making our vision become reality.

May your year be happy and healthy, and all your wishes fulfilled. Thank you for your continued and generous support for Boobalah. She is so lucky to have you rooting for her.

Have a great month!

Your Correspondent,