Update for Boobalah

Update for Boobalah

Greetings to You, and to All of Boobalah’s Friends,

The summer, in all its glory, is shining strongly upon us. We seem to be having one of the warmest summers of recent years. In Boobalah’s world, this is a blessing, since she gets more sunshine spots to chase around the room!

Our sweet girl is doing okay this month. She was reported to be “limping” recently, but what is actually going on is a clicking of the carpus in her left front leg. She was examined and observed by our medical team and seems perfectly comfortable, so no treatment is needed. We will continue to monitor her in case she becomes uncomfortable with the clicking. Boobalah also had a urine culture test which was negative. Good news!

Boobalah guarding the front door

As our expansion continues to near completion, Olive and Boobalah are still standing guard at the front door whenever they get a chance.

This is very sought-after real estate! No sooner than Olive awakens from her blissful nap than Boobalah is all over the front door accommodations.  All in all, the expansion is coming along nicely. Some new plantings were put in that turned dreary dirt piles into some greenery and scenery!

Boobalah is a very lucky girl to have you caring for her so much. She enjoys her days and gets lots of love and affection while getting all of her medical needs addressed. We are forever grateful to you for your generous support that allows her to live a life of joy.

Have a great month!

Your correspondent,