Update for Boobalah

Update for Boobalah

Greetings to you, dear friends of Boobalah!

I hope that this busy and warm time of year is treating you well. Boobalah had a good month. The construction for our Quinn’s Corner expansion is continuing and getting closer to becoming a reality. There is a lot of activity for Boobalah on which to keep a close eye, and that is all very tiring. Rumor has it that she needs a bit of a beach vacation. But since that may not be possible (I’m sorry Boobalah!), we are very thankful that she has tons of places to squirrel away into for her power naps. She was recently spotted with her sweet self burrowed into a blanket with just her tail sticking out. Yes, in the summer, in a blanket! In my experience, a cat can never be too warm!

During a quiet afternoon visit, I found Boobalah sleeping on a cozy blanket inside a kitty tent. She must have heard me coming because she was awake before I could get a picture of our sleeping beauty. Since she was awakened, she had to see what was going on with the construction at the front entrance. She seemed to approve since she kept moving right along to see if everyone and everything in the lobby was in its place. Once satisfied, she climbed back into her perch and got comfy again. It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it! We are forever grateful for your support, allowing Boobalah to live the best life she can.

One of Boobalah’s lobby friends, Bellamy, has passed. He had aggressive cancer that spread to major organs. He will be greatly missed by Boobalah and everyone who knew him. Rest in peace, sweet Bellamy.

In medical news, Boobalah has been in good health this month, with just a few instances of loose stools.  So that is all good!

We can’t thank you enough for supporting sweet Boobalah. You are her rock that she can rely on day in and day out. I wish you a warm and healthy July, relishing in the sunshine. Have a great month!

Your correspondent,