Update for Bacon

Update for Bacon

Hello Friend of Bacon! Or I should say Bacon’s best friend…

I am new to the world of Special Needs cats updates, but when someone asked if I wanted some warm furry grey Bacon, I said YES!  Now I know that is not something one would welcome if served in a diner, but when given Bacon at Tabby’s Place you know you are in for a treat like no other.

Bacon is in good health and we strive to continue to report this. He still has his episodes of seizure activity; had I not been informed that he had this condition I would not have known by looking at him. He instructed me to send heartfelt words of “thank you” for sponsoring him.

He introduced himself to me on an early Sunday morning, right after breakfast. Smiling at me with his crooked grin, he let me sit in his room (Bacon would like to make it abundantly clear that he shares this space with Fenek and some two-legged servants). He is also happy to report that his suitemate is now available for sponsorship.

Having been given his Special Needs cat status prior to our meet helped when playing with him.  After some trial and error (all on my part), I found that he loved the toy more when dragged along the floor rather than wiggling above him.  He would wait and then pounce on it, trying to grab it like a child trying to grab a grasshopper.  He was very proud when he was able to catch his prey.

We did have to stop when his left eye started to squint a little and his cheek was twitching.  I needed to make sure he did not seize. But once we were in the clear, he went back to being his quirky self. Which I translated into “I am going to pretend that I don’t like the company and then enjoy rubbing my face against your shoe, but catch myself just as I’m about to reveal I like being petted.”

He would have you think that he’s a strong independent cat who does his own thing, but I can see that there is a softie inside a grey tabby exterior. He just needs some convincing that soft and chewy Bacon is just as good as tough and crunchy.

Regardless of the type of Bacon that resides at Tabby’s Place, everything that can be done to make sure he lives a long, happy, and loving life is always served in heaps.

Your correspondent,