Update for Bacon

Update for Bacon

Dear Bacon sponsors,

What can I say about Bacon this month? Well, there’s good news! We’ve been in a struggle for months to get Bacon to eat his food, which contains his medications. Finally, thankfully, we seem to have managed to find a handful of wet food flavors that Bacon will eat. Knock on wood that this doesn’t change now that I wrote about the success.

Bacon has adjusted well to his roommate. Fenek and Bacon aren’t exactly best friends, but they’ve adjusted to their routine. Fenek enjoys his days out, Bacon enjoys his nights out. Bacon was never a cat to make friends, but it seems the two have formed an understanding or an alliance. Bacon’s prior roommate, Sally, was sometimes the victim of Bacon’s food stealing and swatting through the crate in the evening and early morning. With Fenek, we haven’t seen Bacon do the same. They are not quite friends, but perhaps they have worked out some agreement.

More good and happy news! There is one medication Bacon doesn’t get in his food, Mirtazapine.  It’s transdermal and is applied to the ear on cats. While Bacon has never been cooperative, he’s come a long way in accepting this is something that needs to be done.

Due to having his ears touched daily, Bacon now allows brief head pets.  Yes, you read that right—Bacon can be petted! In the past, this was a rare occasion, but at present, he’s becoming more comfortable with being petted. The best way we found to introduce a head pet to Bacon was after applying his Mirtazapine. It started small, and, well, it’s still small. It’s the small victories that count. Especially with a cat as wonderful, odd, and a bit unpredictable as Bacon.

Bacon’s life remains fairly the same otherwise. While I know this update was short, I hope it put a smile on your face to read about all of the good news there is to share! Thank you for your ongoing support of this dear boy.

Your correspondent,