Update for Bacon

Update for Bacon

Happy New Year, Bacon sponsors!

Our friend Bacon has decided to ring in 2020 with a sense of adventure.  Bacon, unlike most cats, isn’t big on climbing.  His vision isn’t the best and he’s usually pretty fuzzy-headed from his anti-seizure medication, so it’s easier and safer for him to keep his feet on the ground.  But lately, he’s been seen perched on Karina’s desk!

I witnessed this myself last week and wondered how he’d even managed to make it to the spot he was in.  The staff told me this is a thing he’s been doing lately, and it’s a bit worrisome since they’re not sure he’s able to get safely down on his own but he also hates to be touched.  So far he hasn’t managed to hurt himself—thank goodness!—but he’s done a good job of making everybody pretty nervous.

Also of concern is Bacon’s reluctance to eat lately.  Because Bacon receives his anti-seizure medication in his food, it’s vital that he eat in order to get the proper dose.  But lately, his appetite is low.  And as you can imagine, Bacon is not an easy cat to medicate otherwise.  He’s been started on an appetite stimulant in hopes of getting him back to routine.

Ironically, I’ve only experienced Bacon’s weird outbursts of charging and biting when he’s hungry.  The last time I visited him he was agitated and all but climbing my legs—until I placed his food in front of him.  Then he was completely at ease.  I’m hoping that means the appetite stimulants are working but with a cat like Bacon it’s hard to know.

And finally, some personal news: this will be my last update as Bacon’s correspondent.  I am moving to Colorado very soon (as in, within days!) and as such must pass along my duties.  Getting to know Bacon, and to share his news with you, has been one of my favorite jobs in my time at Tabby’s Place.  I’ve learned so much from this weird, wonderful cat and I’m truly grateful that I got the chance to work with him.  I’ll miss him and his strange quirks immensely.

And Tabby’s Place wouldn’t be able to care for Bacon without the generous help of sponsors like you, so thank you.  Every time I see Bacon I’m reminded how good everyone involved with Tabby’s Place is and what a special place we all have the good fortune to know.  Thank you for your generosity, and for indulging me as I attempted to translate Bacon for you.

Your correspondent,