Update for Bacon

Update for Bacon


Happy Holidays, Bacon sponsors!

It’s been another month of good health for our little silver friend.  Recently Bacon was sedated for a full checkup and some much-needed grooming.  Since Bacon doesn’t tolerate being touched it’s near impossible to do either of these things without sedating him, and unfortunately he had some serious mats in his fur that needed to be addressed.

New House

I’m happy to report that he is now gorgeously mat-free and much more comfortable for it and that his exam and bloodwork all turned up normal results.  On my first visit with him after his exam, he was happy to strut around and show off his lovely, well-groomed fur and even accepted some head pets!

Bacon’s strange behavior remains a concern for the medical staff, however.  (You’ll recall last month when I talked about Bacon chasing me around and chewing on my jeans and charging Sally’s crate.) He’s had a few of these agitation episodes lately and so his medication has been changed.  He’s now receiving gabapentin, which serves multiple purposes- anti-seizure, anti-psychotic, and behavioral.  We’re hopeful that this will give Bacon some relief—and our legs and Sally some peace.

Close Up

So far Bacon seems to be adjusting to the new medication pretty well.  During my last few visits, he was alert and playful but not agitated.  He even brushed against my leg as I left, which is a first.  I felt truly honored to receive such affection.

Big Eyes!

And I’ve finally gotten a picture of Bacon in his comfy new daytime abode!  This soft-sided crate is much safer for him when he has seizures.  And I admit it’s fun to roll up the mesh cover and see him come trotting out in the evening with a cheerful chirp as though the curtain has just been raised on his nighttime variety show.  (I’ve assured him that Santa Claws won’t forget him and give Sally his treats instead when he passes over Tabby’s Place.)

As always, it’s your generous sponsorship that allows the team at Tabby’s Place to provide Bacon with such thorough care, and we’re incredibly grateful to you.  The more I get to know him, the more thankful I am that he found his way to Tabby’s Place and is able to live a life of comfort and love!  So thank you, dear sponsors, and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.

Your correspondent,